Good Vocal Health For Singers

Good Vocal Health For Singers

– A singer in training is the same as an athlete in training. You always warm up, cool down, & make sure to rest when your muscles are overused.

– Sleep is a singer’s best friend. If one doesn’t sleep well the night before their performance, expect a weak voice. Only when your muscles are rested, will you be able to put them to good use.

– Hydration goes hand in hand with singing. Drink as much water as you can & expect lesser health problems overall. Keeping your vocal chords lubricated helps them to function in a smoother manner. Living in India, we are exposed to so many pollutants in the air, so we have to be extra careful!

– Proper breath & vocal technique contribute to a long & healthy life as a singer. It’s not only the outside factors but HOW you sing plays a huge role. Do you find yourself tired/strained after every session? I’ve recently started pulling back my volume as well, trying to not use full muscle capacity on stage. I can last longer & I don’t feel vocally tired even after longer shows.

– When we practise at home, most of us do so without a mic. But when we are finally on stage, we have the advantage of our voice being amplified, which means we don’t have to project as much as we usually do. You must be able to know the difference. Learning how to use a mic will help you understand just how much you need to push or hold back your vocals on stage.

– Clean eating and avoiding fried foods/sodas help in a big way. Stay off anything deep fried before singing.

– Avoid vocal injury by trying not to imitate styles or singers that don’t suit ur voice. Always pick songs that suit YOU, this way you will be comfortable while singing & will deliver the song better. Don’t be afraid to change the key of your favourite song to one that is in YOUR vocal range. So before you do that, know your vocal range & capabilities (how high or low you can sing)

– Take breaks! When practising – shorter, but more frequent practise sessions work better than longer hours at a stretch. Know your body. If you receive tired signals, stop, rest. Go back to it the next day, giving your muscles time to recover. You will have a longer life as a singer.

– Pointless habits such as smoking and excessive drinking cannot be tolerated in a healthy singer’s lifestyle. Yes it’s true that a lot of singers smoke & drink (sometimes even inbetween shows & recording sessions) – but that doesn’t make it okay or healthy for them in the long run.



1. Have a bad throat? If pain occurs etc then get your doctor’s advice about performing with that voice. If you are coughing, make sure you avoid the forceful kind or clearing of your throat in a loud manner. You could cause permanent damage.

2. Hot water, ginger, honey & lemon only help as temporary situations to soothe the voice, not to prevent things.

3. Acidity in the stomach can also cause a sore throat, as acid reflux rises up into the back of the throat. If you are susceptible to this, make sure you deal with that first.

4. Tea & coffee that contain milk or any milk products, cause mucous in the throat so it’s better to avoid those just before singing.

5. Daily intake of vitamins, especially Vitamin C, help to maintain a good immune system.

6. Full vocal rest helps. If your throat aches, zip it! You wouldn’t walk around with an injured or swollen foot, so think the same way for your vocal muscles!


Hope you found this helpful, if you have questions about anything else, or your own personal tips for me to learn – hit me up on Instagram!  @shannondonaldofficial