Self Care Habits I Love!

Self Care Habits I Love!

1. Waking up to warm water infused with lemon, honey & turmeric. First thing every morning!

2. Yoga everyday, mixed with resistance training so that I build some lean muscle. Try & get yourself a great instructor.

3. Keeping myself off desserts & artificial or packaged food. I used to be the girl who couldn’t end a meal without a small piece of chocolate but I’ve finally overcome this habit!

4. Drinking coconut water after every workout. Refreshing & so good for your gut!

5. Stopped using vegetable oils for cooking & started using organic coconut oil or ghee. I also use unrefined pink salt in every day salads. It’s quite expensive, but think of it as an investment for your health. We also make homemade ghee whenever possible! Eat your rotis with a tiny bit of ghee on them.

6. I am going to start buying handmade, whole wheat, multigrain bread from a local bakery. I’ve made seed bread before & it was really good, because it’s so filling that you end up eating just a small piece, but that also means I have to bake it myself all the time. If you have a recommendation please share it with me!

7. Going to bed earlier & waking up earlier. This one is tough sometimes, but I make sure I get minimum 8 hours of sleep when I’m not travelling for shows.

8. Treating myself to a hair wash/blow dry from time to time. Get a discount or loyalty card at your local salon for cheap rates. Sometimes it’s nice to get your hair washed by someone else – simple pleasures!

9. Not sleeping or lying down immediately after eating. Proper digestion is so important for the assimilation of food into our system.

10. Treating a daily errand or even the activity of cleaning, picking up things etc as exercise. I don’t bend or strain my back to reach for things from the floor – I squat & do it!

11. Taking vitamins. I have a Vitamin D deficiency & I cannot tell you how important it is to get a sufficient amount of it – strong bones, strong immune system, the list is endless if you manage to balance a healthy intake.

12. Focusing on being a good human being & spreading kindness to everyone. This has made me a more self loving person than any other change I’ve tried to make in my life. You always have the choice to do the right thing. Of course there are way too many things I’m still working on but this is a positive start!

Please share some some tips with me as well! I’d love to know more.