Things I Learned in 2017

Things I Learned in 2017

1. Life is short as hell! Morbid, I know, but let’s be honest, this year I’ve known too many young, amazing people who were taken away abruptly & it just makes you realise, to make it to old age with your loved ones by your side is now a privilege that’s decided by a higher power. Hold on to everyday like it’s a gift!

2. Kill ’em with kindness! Even when the other party is being nasty. I noticed people are always ready to fight back, even for stupid things. It’s funny to watch them get thrown off with their reaction to your kindness, patience & good behaviour. So next time someone’s being an a**, compliment them & see how fast they retreat their behaviour.

3. Let it Go! This is a hard one for me. When something hurts you or offends you, tie it to a balloon and just let it go up, up & away..
The more we keep things inside, the only person that gets hurt is ourselves. We have to learn that forgiveness is about setting both people free.

4. Go the extra mile! This is similar to the second point, but this is about doing that little extra thing, even if it’s for yourself.
Small things really do matter, & I have always had a knack for observing people. Pay attention to their favourite things they might mention in passing & write it down so you can save it for a good birthday present idea. Pamper yourself, it’s okay to spend a little here & there if it buys you a small day of happiness that contributes to good mental health.

5. Accept truths about yourself! Another hard one for most people, because we all love feeding our egos, don’t we? Why do we get so offended when people call out our bad habits or silly behaviour? Accept that you aren’t perfect & rather than denying what the world can see, try to say – ‘Ok, what can I do to avoid or change this about me?’

What about you? What did you take away from 2017 & all your interactions with people & life?
I’d love to know – leave a comment!